Monthly Forecast May 2020

Yin Earth

A balanced yin earth person is tolerant and kind. They have a love for the outdoors and respect for nature.

This month has the energy that should support your wisdom, wellness and creativity.

For your wellness both mental and physical, make a special effort to look after your body by exercising regularly and eating well.

Feed your body with fresh, seasonal, locally sourced food rich in nutrients. Do yoga and meditate to clear your mind. A supportive time for meditation and yoga is 10am to 11am. A supportive position for meditation and yoga in your space would be the southeast of the room.

Light the hypnotising fire and velvet fire candles whilst you meditate to ground you.

It is vital that this month you look after your mental health. Read uplifting books, watch humorous films and shows as it’s important for you to stay joyful and positive.

The fragrances that should support your wisdom and help with clarity of thought are the hypnotising fire and velvet fire elixirs.

This is a good month for your creativity. To get your creative juices flowing light the matrix metal and metal flower fragranced candles in your living and work space or spray yourself with these fragrances.

To support your creative energy pay attention to the northwest of your home and work space and do some of your creative work in this area. Keep the energy clear here by removing any clutter from this area so that the ‘Qi’ can circulate freely.

Discover your element and pair it with any of our perfumes to enjoy a uniquely personal and fulfilling experience of life.

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