Monthly Forecast

Yin Wood

A balanced yin wood person is naturally sophisticated and refined. They can be tactful and diplomatic in difficult situations.

The energy of this month should support you with your prosperity, romance (male), wisdom and wellness.

To support prosperity declutter the southeast of your home and workspace. In the southeast of your living room or workspace place a table top water fountain. Place a money plant in the corner diagonally opposite your living room or/and office room door.

For the yin wood male it should be an auspicious month for romance. The most supportive coloured shirt to wear on your date would be cream, beige, yellow or brown. If you are dating online the best time to go online is 8am to 9am.

Those yin wood males that are already in a relationship should also optimise on this energy by ensuring they make time for some romantic date nights with their partner this month.

Yin wood males should place a purple orchid plant in the southwest of their bedroom to enhance their seduction.

The fragrances that should heighten seduction for you would be the desired earth and royal earth elixirs.

This month is also supportive for your wellness both mental and physical. Make a special effort to look after your body by exercising regularly and eating well. 

Feed your body with fresh, seasonal, locally sourced food rich in nutrients. Do yoga and meditate to clear your mind. A supportive time for meditation and yoga is morning time.

Spring has matured and you too can sync yourself with the energy of the season. This is a time for bringing life to your new ideas and working on your projects.

This is the season of the liver. The emotion that relates to the liver is anger so it’s vital that this month you look after your mental health. Read uplifting and humorous books as it’s important to stay joyful and positive. 

The fragrances that should support your wisdom and help with clarity of thought are the sacred water and guiding water elixirs.

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