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Our Process

A unique approach to fragrance creation, defying convention unique from inception and creation to sourcing and bottling.

Combining the craft and savoir-faire of French perfumery with universal truths to bring a modern spirit to a new form of perfume language. Finding harmony in difference. The Harmonist was created to center while evoking precious memories, tap into inner strengths and promote uniqueness in your own expression. 

The Harmonist fragrances are the fruit of a creative collaboration between the brand’s founder, Lola Tillyaeva and renowned French perfumer, Guillaume Flavigny of Givaudan. A process that emphasized character, creativity, and mutual respect, that was led by instinct and intuition, and that gave time for self-discovery.

They researched the purest natural ingredients that would best embody the particular qualities of each element and blend them into precious scents for both men and women. 

This was a rigorous and long journey; they devoted a lot of time to carefully crafting each one of the signature scents to be true to Lola’s inspiration. Carefully selecting exquisite ingredients, blending them, trialing the scents and blending again until the whole team was happy with the result. Over time and many experiments, they were able to sensitively interpret the messages of the five elements and encapsulate them in scent.

As our founder Lola Tillyaeva says,

"Creating a scent is like creating a piece of art or music. Here, too, we have notes, octaves, chords, and, just like notes, the individual scents take their place within bold, majestic major chords, or calming, contemplative, moving minor ones, their distinct hues and tones shimmering harmoniously."

Highest Quality Ingredients And Concentration

Every fragrance we create is a celebration of nature. We take exceptional care to source the finest ingredients from around the world. We respect the ecology of our ingredients, and the communities that produce them.

Rare natural ingredients are carefully selected for their unique properties and purity, and then combined to express the character of each element, sensitively interpret the messages of the five elements and encapsulate them in scent.

Our fragrances are designed using a high concentration of these precious ingredients (25-36%) so that the fragrance is true to the element it was inspired by, but also wears well on the skin.  

The Bottle

Practical, Sustainable, And Beautiful

The Harmonist team created a bottle informed by traditional Chinese medicine phials with the addition of clean, modern lines. Made of opaque Pochet Du Courval glass to protect the juice while the bottle sits so pleasantly in your hand. Thanks to the enameled glass used, each fragrance retains its vital essence for longer. Like a precious gem and the glass sourced sustainably made with durability, practicality, and elegance in mind.  

Packaging And Sustainability

With natural balance and harmony underpinning all The Harmonist stands for, the company chooses sustainably sourced ingredients and eco-packaging wherever possible. 

Refills are offered for our best sellers, to help reduce excess packaging and to provide clients with a cost-efficient way to purchase their favorite scents.

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