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Yin Water


Present in everything we do, the elements are regarded as the building blocks of all natural phenomena. They are also integral to how we experience daily life.

The practice of Feng Shui seeks to bring balance by understanding how our element influences the six energies within—wisdom, socializing, creativity, seduction, prosperity and status.

As the seasons change, so does our focus. Winter brings the rise of Yin energy, encouraging us to retreat and rest as nature hibernates. Yin is most associated with water—still on the surface, yet swirling with energy below. This makes winter a perfect time to meditate, replenish the energy we have spent throughout the year, and prepare for action when the time comes. Special attention is drawn to the kidneys: so conserve energy with early nights, early mornings, warm clothes, and gentle exercise. Keep fear under control and use it to your advantage, as a little fear can instigate positive change. Therefore, with your attention to the north, keep warm, meditate and recharge in preparation for the seasons of growth to follow.

Your Forecast

For Yin Water, winter focuses on socializing and status, with attention on seduction for Yin Water females.


Optimize this energy by meeting with friends and colleagues both online and in person. Arrange meetings for the evening, and enhance your sociability with a wardrobe of dark blue and black.

Perfect Pairings: Enhance your gregariousness with the scents of Sacred Water and Guiding Water fragrances.


Inspire and challenge your mind by starting an online course, watching tutorials, or reading. Place a vision board in the north of your work or living space, and wear brown or cream to boost your confidence and increase your personal power.


Yin Water females will experience an increase in seductive energy, which can be channeled by placing a purple orchid in the southwest of the bedroom. Afternoon dates in the center of town are most auspicious, and are supported by a wardrobe of beige, cream, brown, and yellow.

Perfect Pairings: Heighten your charms with the scent of Desired Earth and Royal Earth fragrances.

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