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Yin Water


Present in everything we do, the elements are regarded as the building blocks of all natural phenomena. They are also integral to how we experience daily life.

The practice of Feng Shui seeks to bring balance by understanding how our element influences the six energies within—wisdom, socializing, creativity, seduction, prosperity and status—each month.

Your Forecast

For those in Yin Water, September aligns strength in creativity, wisdom and prosperity, and, for Yin Water males, strength in seduction as well. While the energies are analogous with August, please be aware that the recommendations differ.


To best benefit from this enlightening energy, turn your gaze inward between the hours of 6 pm and 8 pm. What would you like to change about your life? What would you like to enhance? These are key questions to ask. Facing westwards or in the western portion of our home or workspace may help this introspection, as may spending time outdoors in nature’s beauty.

Autumn is also a time to be especially protective of your chest. Practice breathing exercises to get plenty of fresh air into your lungs—the organ aligned with the season’s energy. Pay attention to your mental health and do yoga or meditate to clear the mind, as emotions such as anger may also damage the lung’s energy.

Finally, feed your body with locally-sourced food that is fresh, in-season as well as rich in nutrients. Cooked vegetables and herbs with a warming character are a boon at this time of year.

Perfect Pairings:  To further heighten your sagacity, opt for Matrix Metal or Metal Flower in fragrance form.


Continue to support your prosperity decluttering the west of your home and workspace. This will allow wealth energy to flow forth, which can be further enhanced by placing a tabletop water fountain in the southeastern portion of these areas.


To best benefit from this expressive energy, concentrate on the east of your home or workspace by sitting in the southern portion or by facing eastwards. Ensure that your surroundings are in good condition, decluttering if necessary, and place a piece of art featuring calm flowing water in the eastern portion of these spaces.

Perfect Pairings:  Support clarity and creativity with Golden Wood or Magnetic Wood in fragrance form.


For Yin Water males, seduction energy is still strong this month. Embrace this by wearing red, pink or purple and by placing purple flowers in the eastern portion of your bedroom. If arranging a date, make it lunch, preferably on the southern side of your town or city.

Perfect Pairings:  To further heighten your allure, opt for Hypnotizing Fire or Velvet Fire in fragrance form.

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