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Our Story

The Harmonist was inspired by the fundamental elements with an ambition to create balance and harmony with scent. 


The brand’s ethos is born from the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, which sees the universe as made up of five fundamental elements.

These five elements are Water (Tranquil and Reflective), Fire (Passion & Intuition), Wood (Vitality & Growth), Metal (Clarity & Organization) and Earth (Stable & Grounded). While each element has a vital role to play and relates to an aspect of our lives, if one or more becomes too strong or too weak, the result is imbalance that can lead to a lack of well-being.

Our ambition is to empower our clients to use fragrances to help them to restore balance & harmony between themselves and the fundamental energies while creating a unique expression of themselves. These five principal elements or energies are governed by two opposing yet complementary energies that lie at the heart of our universe, Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang Elements

Yin And Yang

Yin and Yang are two complementary forces or energies that exist in everything in the universe. Yin represents qualities such as darkness, coldness, passivity, and femininity. It's often associated with qualities like rest, reflection, and intuition. Bound to the moon and water. Yang, on the other hand, embodies qualities such as brightness, warmth, activity, and masculinity. It's linked to traits like action, assertiveness, and logic. Connected to the sun and fire.

Creating balance in life and with your environment. The Harmonist fragrances have been developed to resonate with our intentions and goals, we can create a sensory experience that aligns with our desired state of being.

Our Founder

The creator of The Harmonist, Lola Tillyaeva was born in Uzbekistan, Central Asia, a country that once lay at the crossroads of the ancient Silk Road as a meeting point for the diverse cultures of East and West. As a child surrounded by the rich, aromatic scent of spicy food and perfumed oils, Lola developed a keen sense of smell along with an appreciation for the evocative power of it. 

Lola began studying the art of perfumery & having studied Feng Shui for several years she decided to found a maison de parfum that would translate the profound ideas encapsulated within this philosophy into the language of scent. 

By creating unique fragrances that would embody the qualities of each specific element, Ms. Tillyaeva sought to  encourage people to embark on their own journey of self-discovery to inner harmony and balance through the evocative power of smell.

The Harmonist Timeline

2013 - Maison de Parfum

Ms. Tillyaeva founded her own Maison de Parfum, a unique brand that would encourage people to embark on their own journey of self-discovery to inner harmony and balance through the evocative power of smell.

2016 - Flagship Store Opens

The Harmonist entered the market in 2016 showcasing 10 deluxe fragrances in a flagship boutique at prestigious address on Avenue George V in Paris. As the first Maison de Parfum to offer a personalized experience attuned to each individual’s personal element balance and energy.

2018 - Yin Transformation

The Harmonist collection launched at Barneys, New York’s premier fashion store. Becoming one of the top selling brands until  the iconic store closed its doors.

Following the success of the signature collection, in 2018 The Harmonist showcased a new fragrance, Yin Transformation. 

2020 - Luxury Retail

The Harmonist launched with another luxury department stores, in the US: Bergdorf Goodman and major US retailer Neiman Marcus, in London at Harrods and in Russia in Tsum.

2020 - Sun & Moon Collection

The Sun & Moon Collection (Prequel Collection) was launched in 2020. Comprising carefully crafted twin scents inspired by our life-giving Sun and Moon.

2022 - International Acclaim

The Harmonist won Allure magazine's Best of Beauty Award 2022 and has been nominated at the prestigious US Fragrance Foundation Awards in 2021 and 2022.


A new collaboration will take place in September in the US,  We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about this collaboration.


A new duo of exceptional fragrances will be launched in March and September. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about this new Collection.

The Harmonist Fragrances
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