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Yang Wood


Present in everything we do, the elements are regarded as the building blocks of all natural phenomena. They are also integral to how we experience daily life.

The practice of Feng Shui seeks to bring balance by understanding how our element influences the six energies within—wisdom, socializing, creativity, seduction, prosperity and status—each month.

Your Forecast

For those in Yang Wood, September aligns with strength in creativity and status, and, for Yang Wood females, strength in seduction as well. While the month’s energies are analogous with August, please be aware that the recommendations differ.


To best benefit from this expressive energy, continue to concentrate on the south of your home or workspace by sitting in the southern portion or by facing southwards. To help bring balance, place four bamboo stems in a clear vase of water in these areas.

Perfect Pairings:  Support clarity and creativity with Hypnotizing Fire or Velvet Fire—be it in candle or fragrance form.


To improve your personal power, continue to envision where you would like to see yourself, remembering it may not always be reached by a single path. Place any vision boards you make to focus this energy, as well as any metal ornaments (which will help to bring balance), in the west.


For Yang Wood females, seduction energy is still strong this month. Embrace this by wearing white, silver, gold or grey and by placing purple flowers in the eastern portion of your bedroom. If dating online, the hours between 6 pm and 8 pm are most supportive. While those meeting in real life should do so on the western side of your town or city.

Perfect Pairings:  To further heighten your allure opt for Metal Flower or Matrix Metal in fragrance form.

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