Monthly Forecast January 2021

Yang Metal

A balanced yang metal person has great strength and determination. They are loyal and resolute making great decision makers. Others are charmed by their dynamic and charismatic nature.

The energy of this month should support your wisdom and wellness.

This month is supportive for your wellness both mental and physical. Make a special effort to look after your body by exercising regularly and eating well. 

Each season is associated with different organs and emotions. The winter months are associated with the kidney. If you are getting lower back pain it can be a sign of exerted kidney Qi. To look after your kidney: sleep earlier, keep well hydrated and do calming exercises. If you are exercising outdoors ensure you keep yourself warm, especially around your lower back area.

Feed your body with fresh, seasonal, locally sourced food rich in nutrients. Cooked and warming food and fresh vegetable soups are good for this time of year.

Emotions such as fear are associated with this time of year so to avoid this do regular grounding exercises and nourish your mental health. Read uplifting and humorous books as its important to stay joyful and positive. 

Do yoga and meditate to clear your mind. A supportive time for meditation and yoga is early morning or late afternoon. Light the royal earth and desired earth candles whilst you meditate to support you.

The fragrances that should support your wisdom and help with clarity of thought are the royal earth and desired earth elixirs.

Discover your element and pair it with any of our perfumes to enjoy a uniquely personal and fulfilling experience of life.

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