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Yang Metal


Present in everything we do, the elements are regarded as the building blocks of all natural phenomena. They are also integral to how we experience daily life.

The practice of Feng Shui seeks to bring balance by understanding how our element influences the six energies within—wisdom, socializing, creativity, seduction, prosperity, and status. 

Each season elects an element as its leader. For autumn this is metala honed, lustrous substance that both clarifies and reflects. It is therefore no surprise that the coming months are a time to take stock, organize your thoughts, and look west as the sun begins to set on the year.

Just as spring was the season for a ‘clean sweep’, autumn is the season for ‘letting go’. Not just of the physical and mental clutter we have accumulated over the year, but also of any habits that may be depleting our corporeal and spiritual entities. Use meditation and yoga to clarify and uplift, and take a note from nature’s enduring cycle: falling leaves make room for new growth.

While always essential, breathing becomes particularly important during this transitional period. Autumn is associated with the lungs, so keep this organ healthy and clear by taking regular walks and maintaining gentle exercise. As the weather oscillates between warm and cold, sometimes unpredictably, keep a scarf to hand to protect your neck and chest. Most importantly, acknowledge the importance of the sigh to expel any sadness or stress that may be associated with the impulse.

Your Forecast 

For Yang Metal, this season focuses on socializing, status, and seduction for women.


As the days draw shorter, acquire uplifting energy by interacting with others. We are communal beings and these connections will be a boon to your physical and mental health this autumn. To strengthen the bond between siblings, friends, colleagues, and business associates, arrange meetings at midday and be sure to wear an accessory in white, silver, gold, or light grey. Communication is key, so don’t worry whether it’s in person or online.

Perfect Pairings: Increase your amiability by wearing either Matrix Metal or Metal Flower fragrances.


Personal power also comes to prominence this season. Place a vision board in the south of your workspace to channel this Qi and focus your intentions. Remember that autumn is about letting go of what’s holding you back. Wearing red will also increase your confidence, allowing you to better assert your ambitions. 


For Yang Metal women, seduction energy is strong in the coming months. Increase your allure by organizing lunchtime or early afternoon encounters in the south of town. Be sure to wear an accessory in red, pink, or purple during liaisons, as these colors are particularly auspicious when it comes to amour.


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