Monthly Forecast January 2021

Yang Fire

A balanced yang fire person is passionate and caring. They can be very successful in the arts as they are often very creative, even though they may put on a brave front, their heart is soft.

The energy of this month should support you with your creativity and career.

This is a good month for your creativity and career. To get your creative juices flowing light the desired earth and royal earth candles in your living and work space or spray yourself with these fragrances.

To get your creative energy moving pay attention to the northeast, east and centre of your home and work space. Adorn the northeast with your creative work. Place a table top water feature in the east of your living and or workspace. Keep the energy clear in these areas by removing any clutter so that the Qi can circulate freely.

This is a good month for your professional development, so look into some training and coaching for yourself. Have a look at your personal profile and see how you can enhance it to take your career forward. If you are applying for a job or promotion online then a good time would be early morning. If you are attending an interview lightly spray yourself with the desired earth or royal earth fragrances. 

If you have children then this is also a good month to bond with them, so allocate quality time with them.

If you run your own company or are a manager then it is also a good time to bond with your staff. Therefore, ensure that you set sufficient time aside for this.

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