Monthly Forecast

Yang Fire

A balanced yang fire person is passionate and open, they have a charming nature that makes them very popular.

The energy of this month should support you with your creativity, career, personal power and romance (female).

This is a good month for your creativity and career. To get your creative juices flowing light the desired earth and royal earth candles in your living and work space or spray yourself with these fragrances.

To get your creative energy moving pay attention to the southeast and southwest of your home and remove any clutter from this area so that the energy can circulate freely.

If you are applying for a job or promotion online then a good time to apply would be 8am to 9am. If you are attending an interview lightly spray yourself with the desired earth or royal earth fragrances. 

This is a good month for developing yourself both personally and professionally. This month dedicate time on self reflection and start planning for the next year on the direction you want to take to optimise your life. Supportive colours to wear for your personal power and to make you feel more confident are black and dark blue.

Place some silver or gold ornaments in the north of your work and living space to balance the energy here this month to support your self development.

For the yang fire female it should be an auspicious month for romance. The most supportive colour to wear on your date would be black or dark blue. If your are dating online the most supportive time to go online for dating would be late evening.

The fragrances that should heighten seduction for you are the sacred water and guiding water elixirs.

Those yang fire females that are already in a relationship should also optimise on this energy by ensuring they make time for some romantic date nights with their partner this month. 

Yang fire females can place fresh purple flowers in the southwest of their bedroom to support seduction.

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