Monthly Forecast

Yang Water

A balanced yang water person is dynamic and ambitious. They have an adventurous nature and love discovering new activities.

The energy of this month should support your personal power, romance (female). socialising and networking.

This is a good month for developing yourself both personally and professionally. This month dedicate time on self reflection and growth to optimise your life. Supportive colours to wear for your personal power and to make you feel more confident are cream, beige, brown and yellow.

For the yang water female it should be an auspicious month for romance. The most supportive colour to wear on your date would be cream, beige, brown or yellow. If your are dating online the most supportive time to go online for dating is 8am to 9am.

To support romance place some purple flowers in the southwest of your bedroom.

The fragrances that should heighten seduction for you are the desired earth and royal earth elixirs.

To support your socialising and networking, dedicate some time to meet up with siblings, friends, colleagues and business associates as the energy of this month should support you in making beneficial connections. 

Dedicate some time to grow your network online as the energy of this month should support this, therefore, it is a good month to dedicate some time to social media to build your connections and status.

The elixirs that should enhance socialising and networking energy for you are the sacred water and guiding water fragrances. If you are arranging a networking or socialising event the best time is to arrange it for evening time.

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