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Yang Water


Present in everything we do, the elements are regarded as the building blocks of all natural phenomena. They are also integral to how we experience daily life.

The practice of Feng Shui seeks to bring balance by understanding how our element influences our energies within - wisdom, socializing, creativity, prosperity and status.

As the seasons change, so does our focus. Summer is the season of abundance—the trees and plants are in full bloom, and everything brims with Yang energy, which reaches its peak on the June 21st summer solstice.

Make use of the longer days to cultivate and store Yang energy for the cooler autumn and winter months. Rise early, meditate, then focus your working energy into the hours before the midday heat. Importantly, take time for a leisurely lunch before continuing at a lighter pace for the rest of the working day. Once finished, be sure to enjoy the balmy evenings. Follow a summer diet of salads and cooling dishes, with herbal teas and fresh juices. Avoid spicy foods and caffeine—diet is our energy, so consuming in balance with the season will promote harmony.

The element of summer is Fire, which focuses on the heart and mind. Achieving balance this season will mean an active body and calm thoughts. Fire energy can also evoke agitation, restlessness, sadness and anger, so keep tempers at bay with regular meditations. The hottest season is notoriously the one of impulse and passion; by paying attention to the south, and keeping your home and workspace tidy, you can channel the most positive expression of these energies: joy.

Your Forecast

For Yang Water, this season focuses on status, prosperity and seduction.


Summer is a supportive time to enhance your status and work on your personal growth. So that you can progress with intention, assess what is most important to you and focus your energy. Take in tutorials, online courses and books that challenge and inspire you to increase your personal power, influence and status. Wear red to amplify your confidence and assertiveness, and place a vision board in the south of your workspace to focus your inspiration and efforts on your desires.


To promote wealth, pay attention to your front door and ensure it is in perfect condition, as this is the mouth through which prosperous energy enters the home. Tidy shoes and coats from the entranceway into a closed cupboard so the Qi has a clear path of entry. Declutter the south of your living and workspace to allow energy to flow freely—prosperity Qi may also be enhanced by placing a jade-leaf money plant here.


For females, seductive energy can be channeled by placing purple flowers in the southwest of the bedroom. Afternoon dates in the southwest of town are most auspicious, and are supported by a wardrobe of brown, cream or yellow. Males can harness their energy by placing a piece of romantic artwork in the south of the bedroom, and by wearing a shirt of red, pink or purple for dates at midday.

Perfect Pairings: Females are supported by Desired Earth and Royal Earth Fragrances, while males are supported by the aromas of Hypnotizing Fire and Velvet Fire, further enhanced by lighting fragranced candles on a nightstand.

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