Guiding Water Sample Parfum

delicate, fluid, refined


Like dawn’s light caressing the day’s first blossoms, their scents carried to you on the dewy breeze, this delicate fragrance will lend you a natural calm. Floral, aquatic and green, this perfume takes its initial ocean freshness from ozonic accord piqued with pink peppercorn. Then let the pure simplicity of water flow over you as the cool, limpid notes of watermelon, cyclamen and the clear spirit of the unsullied lotus warm on your skin. Fleur-de-Lys, musk and jasmine bring a more sultry, lingering note, enveloping you in an air of liquid mystery. Guiding Water – the essence of rain-washed flowers.

base note

Lys Flower, Pink Peppercorn, White Musks

middle note

Lotus Flower, Jasmine, Cyclamen

top note

Watermelon, Aquatic Notes, Ozonic Accord

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