charming, flexible, a survivor: Like a beautiful flower, you are charming and graceful

Yin Wood Celebrities

Brad Pitt, Salvador Dali, John Lennon, Prince, Neil Young, Mick Jagger, Robbie Williams, John Travolta, Prince William, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Kurt Cobain, Che Guevara, Javier Bardem...

Coco Chanel, Nicole Kidman, Lady Diana, Linda Evangelista, Madonna, Julia Roberts, Annie Lennox, Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Julianna Moore, Charlize Theron, Ines de la Fressange, Eva Herzigova, Amy Winehouse, Bar Rafaeli, Gisele Bundchen, Michelle Obama...


You are elegant, graceful, well-mannered and discreet. You have a sophisticated dress sense, charm, good taste and creative flair. You instinctively know how to survive, using your tactful diplomatic skills, flexibility and quick thinking to solve problems and win others over. You avoid quarrels, using your mental agility to compromise and adapt, qualities which make you a good networker, too. You enjoy spending time outdoors and care deeply about the environment.


You are a real gentleman, your charming, kind personality and way with words attract the ladies like bees to a flower, but you may find it hard to choose and commit to a single partner. You like to be the centre of attention, so your ideal partner should be prepared to admire you, and even to let you have the last word sometimes. If she does, she will find you a sensitive, handsome lover.

You are the true ‘femme fatale,’ very feminine, with an alluring air of sexual expertise which can make you quite irresistible. You often pose an intellectual challenge for men, too, and once you have made your choice, you can keep his interest with your versatility and charms. Your ideal partner should be a true knight in shining armour – tender, yet able to protect and adore you.

If You Seek:

If you seek to turn on the charm, enhance your social life, make new friends, or unleash your networking potential, the Wood perfume is the scent for you. Wood reflects your own personal energy and since ‘like attracts like,’ you will soon discover your more gregarious social side. Using the Wood scent will help you spread your branches, making you more out-going, spontaneous and approachable. Your new infectious energy will bring out the best in those around you, too. As you enhance your people skills, others will be able to see things from your perspective.

If you seek to introduce more fun, creativity, intelligence and passion into your life, then the Fire perfume is for you. Your personal element, Wood, feeds Fire, so by surrounding yourself with its aura, you can unlock your imagination, becoming more expressive, optimistic, confident and cheerful. You will find yourself centre stage, radiating a renewed passion for life: curious, playful and ready for new challenges. Since your verbal skills will improve, too, you can market yourself more successfully as well.

For you, the scent of Earth represents Seduction and Prosperity, so if you feel stuck in a rut, use it to take control of your love life as well as your finances. The essence of Earth will enhance your seductive powers, magnetizing women to your irresistible charm. Thanks to its grounding influence, you will be able to take charge, becoming more assertive, efficient, dynamic and results-oriented. More ambitious and competitive, you will find yourself ready to take risks and longing for change.

Your Status element is Metal, and although an axe can fell a tree, careful pruning can bring great results, so use the Metal scent if you seek promotion or new structure in your life. Calm, steady and diplomatic, you will find yourself less influenced by your emotions, a better listener and peacekeeper. Since these are qualities your boss will appreciate, thanks to your increased integrity and reliability, you may expect to see an improvement in your status soon, too.

Water nourishes Wood, so if you seek to nourish body, soul and mind, surround yourself with the Water scent. Its calming effect helps you relax so that your mind can become more reflective, analytical, attentive and methodical. Use Water to unlock your abilities for problem-solving and research, and, better able to manage your time, your life will take on a more orderly, balanced harmony. Friends will turn to you for advice, appreciating your discreet loyalty and compassionate sincerity.

Magnetic Wood

elegant, energetic, refined

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Magnetic Wood Candle

elegant, energetic, refined


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