self-confident, helpful, principled: Like a tall tree, you are strong and your roots go deep

Yang Wood Celebrities

James Dean, Richard Branson, George Soros, Jimmy Hendrix, Joe Cocker, Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley, Christopher Reeves, the Dalai Lama, Elon Musk...

Jackie Kennedy, Katie Holmes, Britney Spears, Keira Knightley, Kate Winslet, Whitney Houston, Sophia Loren, Edith Piaf, Angela Merkel, Selma Hayek...


You are a person of principle and honour. Self-confident, ambitious and strong-willed, you are a natural leader, the tallest tree in the forest, so your reputation is important for you. You don’t beat about the bush but generally get straight to the point, and once you decide to do something, you are hard-working, responsible, grounded and pragmatic. But you have a soft heart, too, always ready to lend a helping hand, and, like a great tree offering shade, you tend to be kind and protective towards those you love.


You believe in true love, though it’s fair to say you are a realist rather than a hopeless romantic. You prefer long-term relationships but you love a good party, too. Your ideal partner is attractive, of good standing and well-to-do, and although you may be slow to make a move, once you do, she’ll know she can rely on you. A good listener, you tend to bottle up your own feelings, and you expect your partner to be faithful as you are.

Relationships are about give and take for you, so you tend to have a few close friends rather than a wide circle of acquaintances, even though you do love socializing. Practical and somewhat stubborn, you don’t fall easily in and out of love, but if a man is consistent, you will reward him with a stable, faithful partnership. You like your man to be solid, straightforward and reliable, like a majestic oak tree, preferably with a firm financial standing, and you prefer dinner in a good restaurant to a romantic starlit picnic.

If You Seek:

If you seek to turn on the charm, enhance your social life, make new friends, or unleash your networking potential, the Wood perfume is the scent for you. Wood reflects your own personal energy and since ‘like attracts like,’ you will soon discover your more gregarious social side. Using the Wood scent will help you spread your branches, making you more out-going, spontaneous and approachable. Your new infectious energy will bring out the best in those around you, too. As you enhance your people skills, others will be able to see things from your perspective.

If you seek to introduce more fun, creativity, intelligence and passion into your life, then the Fire perfume is for you. Your personal element, Wood, feeds Fire, so by surrounding yourself with its aura, you can unlock your imagination, becoming more expressive, optimistic, confident and cheerful. You will find yourself centre stage, radiating a renewed passion for life: curious, playful and ready for new challenges. Since your verbal skills will improve, too, you can market yourself more successfully as well.

Ever feel stuck in a rut? Then it’s time to tap into your Prosperity element to shake things up a little. Enveloping yourself in the scent of Earth will widen your vision, enabling you to focus on long-term goals. More ambitious, dynamic and assertive, you will find yourself ready to take risks and longing for change. Financial success should soon follow, riding the tide of your newfound determination and dedication. So use the Earth scent and watch your dreams come true!

Your Status element is Metal, and although an axe can fell a tree, careful pruning can bring great results, so use the Metal scent if you seek new structure – or new companions - in your life. The Metal energy can boost your sex appeal, enhancing your powers of seduction and increasing your allure. Calm, steady and diplomatic, you will find yourself less influenced by your emotions, a good listener and peacekeeper. Since these are qualities your boss will appreciate, you may expect to see an improvement in your status soon, too.

Water nourishes Wood, so if you seek to nourish body, soul and mind, surround yourself with the Water scent. Its calming effect helps you relax so that your mind can become more reflective, analytical, attentive and methodical. Use Water to unlock your abilities for problem-solving and research, and, better able to manage your time, your life will take on a more orderly, balanced harmony. Friends will turn to you for advice, appreciating your discreet loyalty and compassionate sincerity.

Golden Wood

comfortable, majestuous, powerful


Golden Wood Candle

comfortable, majestuous, powerful


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