stable, reliable, a good listener

Yang Earth Celebrities

Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Jackson, Michelangelo, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roger Federer, Magic Johnson, Stevie Wonder, David Beckham, Ben Affleck, Raphael Nadal, Benjamin Millepied, Norman Foster...

Elisabeth Taylor, Natalie Portman, Lauren Bacall, Andie MacDowell, Miranda Kerr, Hillary Clinton, Heidi Klum, Sarah Jessica Parker, Carine Roitfeld, Lupita N’yongo...


You are a true rock - stable, grounded and trustworthy. People often confide in you; the strong sense of security you exude means others easily trust your discreet integrity and moral uprightness. You tend not to make snap decisions, preferring to hear all sides of an argument, but once you have made up your mind, like a mountain, you are not easily swayed. You have great patience, stamina, will-power and a contemplative mind.


You are the strong, silent type, with an aura of mystery and a calm, serious exterior. You don’t reveal your emotions easily, preferring to take your time, gather your thoughts and only open up to close friends or family. But beneath that solemn veneer is a soft, sensitive heart always ready to forgive and make up. Long-term relationships are important to you, and you make an excellent father.

You have an attractive, curvaceous figure and your mature, mysterious air ensure men know you are not to be taken lightly. You expect your partner to be faithful, and woe betide him should you catch him cheating. Communication is not your strong point, but in fact you are sensitive to the needs of others and a steady relationship means a lot to you. Your children are extremely important to you, often becoming the focus of your life.

If You Seek:

Fire is the molten core, the center of the Earth, so if you seek to nourish body, soul and mind, envelope yourself in an aura of Fire.

Matrix Metal

edgy, impactful, vibrant


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edgy, impactful, vibrant


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