One. Another. Together.

The new celestial fragrance

by The Harmonist.

Our Prequel collection celebrates the two forces that inform all aspects of life on earth, the sun and the moon. The sun colors our perception and reveals the vibrancy of our surroundings. The moon determing our movements, our patterns, our rhythms. Sun Force and Moon Glory are the embodiment of this. Two fragrances that are separate yet together, distinct yet inextricably linked.

Sometimes described as Yin and Yang, feminine and masculine, black and white, giving and receiving, these seemingly contradictory forces are, in fact, complementary and cannot exist without each other—indeed, nor can we, as the sun provides light and energy to all living things, while the moon regulates the ocean tides and has a cyclical influence on our life and our bodies.

Chinese Cosmology holds that these two forces Yin and Yang gave birth to the five elements—water, earth, wood, metal, and fire—that are the building blocks of the universe.

Moon Glory and Sun Force, the two fragrances of the Prequel Collection, were inspired by this celestial dyad. They are essential to each other, like matter and spirit, yet different and they each have stories to tell.

Moon Glory channels the Yin energy of the moon, with floral and resinous notes that appeal to the passionate aspects of its masculine counterpart, while Sun Force is infused with citrus, exotic woods, and rose, a Yang energy to charm its romantic, partner.

Together, they are a balanced attraction.

Dr. Woo

Tattooing, when understood in its

entirety, must be seen as a religious act.

— Spider Webb

When Lola was inspired to create the perfume pair Sun and Moon she had an immediate image of famous Los Angeles tattoo artist Doctor Woo’s designs.

Familiar with his distinctive and unique style, she invited him to collaborate with the team at The Harmonist Maison de Parfum to create a visual impression of the Sun and Moon scents and to grace the new products with his unique work. The renowned tattoo artist’s exacting, single-needle fine lines and black-and-gray tattoo work combine a meditative spirituality with meticulous artistry.

Though based in Los Angeles, Dr. Woo’s impressive, international following is a testament to his enormous appeal, which encapsulates both today’s style and a very real thirst for modern, artistic expression. Indeed, his vision for Moon Glory, which features a crescent moon with twinkling stars and charms, is delicate, striking, and playful, attributes that suit the fragrance perfectly.