Metal Candle Set

Candle Set


The Metal Candle Set is a combination of the Metal Element with Yin and Yang.

Yin - Metal Flower Candle

A rose as a hand-crafted jewel, a metal rose, finely fashioned, cold, sharp, modern yet eternal, such is the inspiration behind this perfume. Created with a blend of three precious rose ingredients, this fragrance gives you the elegant grace of Bulgarian rose essence and the sophistication of rare Rose of May, but also the sharp edge of rosoxyde, like blood drawn by a rose’s thorn. Using aldehydes for shine, with silky musks, soothing ylang ylang and rich patchouli for lasting sensuality, this unusual scent is a modern classic. Metal Flower – a scent that glints in the sun like polished metal.

Yang - Matrix Metal Candle

A perfume forged in the image of gleaming metal, molten metal, still hot, waiting to be moulded yet already with the power to cut. Based on aldehydes, woods and ambers, juniper berries bring a dry, crisp note taken up by the sharp needles of sclarene conifers to give this scent a neat, classy note. Pine, vetiver and amber accords provide glowing undertones of red-hot iron, with a hint of myrrh for smouldering comfort.

Matrix Metal – the vibrancy and power of gleaming metal.