Golden Wood

comfortable, majestuous, powerful

— 1.7 oz

A lone tree, strong and reassuring, its rugged exterior hiding a warm, beating heart. Golden accords of elemi resin, yellow mandarin and malted barley flow into a stout heart of oak sweetened with nutty cabreuva from Paraguay with a hint of black pepper, making this a rich, powerful fragrance. Woody, yes, but with the smokey, leathery scent of birch and roast tonka bean like the rough bark of a mighty Redwood. Golden Wood – a majestic tree clad in autumnal gold.
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base note

Tonka Bean, Birch Wood, Amber

middle note

Cabreuva Wood, Bee Wax, Oak

top note

Mandarin, Malted Barley, Elemi Pepper

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