Earth Candle Set

Candle Set


The Earth Candle Set is a combination of the Earth Element with Yin and Yang.

Yin - Royal Earth Candle

Classy and sophisticated, Royal Earth uses precious, potent roots and seeds to create a mysterious, dignified fragrance. Carrot and angelica seeds combine with tangy bergamot to crown this scent with bright head notes, but it is the prized Iris Pallida root from historic Tuscany which infuses it with grandeur and gravity. The powerful, enigmatic scent of iris will envelope you in a mystical aura of fascination tinged with the bittersweet twist of neroli and the sensuality of sandalwood. Royal Earth – the irresistible pull of the earth.

Yang - Desired Earth Candle

A lofty mountain peak, that far-off goal desired by many was the inspiration for this creation. A perfume with earthy notes, conjuring images of mist over the Highlands or heather burning on ancient moorlands. A peaty, timeless scent like a good malt whisky, with Japanese shiso leaves and violet leaves bringing a lighter, greener note before you settle into the soothing, smoky comfort of ambrette seeds, cade wood and the musky allure of patchouli. The perfume rounds off with the warm, spicy aroma of Tolu Balsam from Peru. Desired Earth – an immortal, peaty temptation