Sponge And Sample Set - Explorer

$ 96.00


This set contains our best-selling perfumes and Moon Glory Sponge:

• Hypnotizing Fire Sample Parfum
• Yin Transformation Sample Parfum
• Sun Force Sample Parfum
• Moon Glory Sample Parfum
• Moon Glory Sponge

Experience the floral freshness of Yin Transformation contrasted with woody and creamy notes, the intense and exotic bouquet of flowers of Moon Glory enveloped with gourmand and woody notes, the citrus freshness of Sun Force balanced with spicy and woody notes, and the amber, floral and gourmand notes of Hypnotizing Fire.

Designed to moisturize, rejuvenate and restore the skin, the Yin Transformation Scented Bath and Shower Sponge is infused with a shimmer that leaves the body perfectly buffed and with a soft, tantalizing glow.

To use, simply place the body buffer under running water to activate the rich, creamy lather and apply liberally. Simply rinse the Scented Bath and Shower Sponge after each use.

Use together with Yin Transformation perfume for best results.