Achieving Balance Through Scent

We draw upon the principles of Feng Shui and its respect of energy and flow. Our fragrances were carefully crafted through an evolving conversation between our founder, Lola Tillyaeva, and internationally regarded perfumer Guillaume Flavigny.


Fine Aged


Meet A Timeless


Elements are gently hand filtered to achieve optimal scent infusion

Fragrance steeps for 2 more months to mature and then is hand filtered again

Raw ingredients steep for at least 1 month (like, fine wine)

The Harmonist Difference


Made of the finest ingredients (Givaudan “Orpur”status) and ethically sourced raw material. Not to be confused with “premium” yet artificial perfumes.


Only 0.01% of our perfumes created make it to store front.

10 Fragrances To Try, One or Two To Match With, or Maybe More?

Yin & Yang - it’s just a matter of time.
In the quest for harmony, time is a blessing.

Our first collection took seven years to develop, with pleasantly unexpected results. We celebrate time as a fruitful space for evolution and innovation, and our Yin and Yang collections are a testament to this - ten fragrances that traverse eras and enliven your space.

Experience the Fragrances

Our Discovery Set allows you to experience all ten fragrances of the Yin and the Yang Collections, inspired by the five elements of Feng Shui.

As part of this exploration, we encourage the layering of the scents, created to blend harmoniously and help the wearer find perfect balance.

"The brand's perfumes don’t just smell good. They elevate the wearer by bringing them balance and, as the name suggests, harmony. Each Harmonist fragrance that I’ve tried is a unique, sensual experience that truly does capture equilibrium in a bottle." 

Katie Berohn