Magnetic Wood Candle

elegant, energetic, refined

— 190 g

A green, floral, powdery fragrance with the light refreshing essence of mimosa, the first flower of spring, emblem of Nature’s rejuvenating energy. Like a cool, green arbour, the fresh scents of sweet osmanthus from China and evergreen bio mastic from Morocco lift your spirits while the refined notes of rare iris root pamper your senses. Relax, letting the sensuous, woody accords of sandalwood, cedar and vetiver envelope you in a revitalizing aura.

Magnetic Wood – rich and refined, the force of life, the force of Nature.

base note

Cedar, Sandalwood, Gaiac

middle note

Mimosa, Daffodil, Iris

top note

Green Mandarin, Bergamot, Osmanthus

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