Moonlight is sculpture; sunlight is painting.
— Nathaniel Hawthorne

The poetry of the moon, its identification with the feminine, its tidal power, its constant yet changing luminosity: all of these inform Moon Glory, The Harmonist’s ode to Yin energy, a lush composition of warm, resinous notes and deep, underlying florals.



Recalling the intoxicating scent of flowers at dusk, this sensual fragrance captures that in-between moment after the sun has disappeared below the horizon, yet before night falls; a fleeting time when the changing light intensifies the scent in the air.

Moon Glory combines ingredients that reflect Yin energy: distinctive Hawaiian Jasmine, the alluring Queen of the Night flower, and sultry Passionflower.

Accompanied by notes of Lychee, Organic Honey, and Ylang-ylang, this delicate bouquet is warmed with amber musk. Its complexity reveals itself gradually, like the night sky.


Jasmin / from Hawaii

Few flowers have a scent as unforgettable as the opulent yet delicate Jasmine. Its unexpected, sensual sweetness has made it beloved throughout the ages. In Hawaii, Pikake Jasmine is also known as “peacock” Jasmine for its resemblance to the extravagant bird.Its orange-like fragrance, along with its green, fruity top note, distinguish it from other Jasmine species. In Hawaiian courtship rituals, a PikakeJasmine lei is believed to be the wa yto a woman’s heart.

Queen of The Night / from Mexico

Selenicereus grandiflorus, a cactus flower native to Mexico, Jamaica, and Cuba, is also known as Queen of the Night. A wonder of nature, Queen of the Night develops enormous flowers measuring up to 30cm (1ft) across. Its rich, aromatic-floral perfume contains Vanilla notes and a nutty bouquet, while its unusual, climbing flowers are a pure white, surrounded by golden petals that open at dusk. It blooms fully at midnight, only to wither away by dawn.

Ylang-ylang / from Comoros

Grown on the volcanic archipelago of Comoros off of Africa’s eastc oast, Ylang-ylang flowers are as ymbol of purity and sensuality. Bright yellow when ripe and beautifully fragrant oil, Ylang-ylang has a heavy, sweet, slightly fruity floral scent.Ylang-ylang is highly valued in perfumery for its delicate, floral scent with hints of Jasmine, and in aromatherapy, where its properties are known to calm the nervous system.


When the petals of the heart unfold,
fragrance spreads across the valley.
— Amit Ray

Lola chose French perfumer Guillaume Flavigny of Givaudanto create fragrances for The Harmonist.

A graduate of both ISIPCA, France’s leading school for post graduate studies in perfume and cosmetics products, and Givaudan’s perfumery school, Guillaume Flavigny is one of the most celebrated noses in the fragrance world.

His keen sensitivity impressed her, along with his ability to translate every element into the language of perfume. Guillaume’s intuitive understanding of Lola’s vision has created a remarkable and ongoing collaboration.