Sacred Water Candle

captivating, essential, mystical

— 190 g

Calm yet powerful, comforting yet startling, this perfume reflects the ocean: impetuous contrast! Like mighty ocean waves crashing against the cliffs, the marine notes of ozone and iodine become imbued with the essence of healing minerals, granite and volcanic rocks. A quasi mystical scent, a perfume which envelopes you in an invigorating, inspiring aura of sea spray tempered with a hint of peppermint, aquatic mosses and an undercurrent of mineral wood, grey amber and mystique. Sacred Water – an intoxicating meeting of minerals and the ocean.

base note

Cedar, Grey Amber, Ozonic Accord

middle note

Seaweed, Marine notes, Algae

top note

Peppermint, Iodine Notes, Aldehydes

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