prévisions mensuelles September 2020

Yang Earth

A balanced yang earth person is quietly patient and confident. They are trustworthy and reliable, which earns the respect of those around them.

This month has the energy that should support your creativity, career, romance (female) personal power and status.

This is a good month for your creativity and career. To get your creative juices flowing light the Matrix Metal and Metal Flower fragranced candles in your living and work space or spray yourself with these fragrances.

To support your creative energy pay attention to the west and northwest of your home and work space and do some of your creative work in this area. Keep the energy clear here by removing any clutter from this area so that the ‘Qi’ can circulate freely.

If you are applying for a job or promotion online then a good time would be 4pm to 5pm. If you are attending an interview lightly spray yourself with the Matrix Metal and Metal Flower fragrances.

This is a good time to re-evaluate your personal growth. Make plans and strategies on how you will take your life in the direction you want. Meet new people, attend workshops, read books and try activities which inspire and challenge your mind and increase your personal power, influence and status. The colour to wear to make you feel more confident is green.

For the yang earth female it should be an auspicious month for romance. The most supportive colour to wear on your date would be emerald green. A supportive time to meet for a date would be breakfast.

The fragrances that should heighten seduction for you are the Magnetic Wood and Golden Wood elixirs.

Those yang earth females that are already in a relationship should also optimise on this energy by ensuring they make time for some romantic date nights with their partner this month.

Yang earth females can place some purple flowers in the southeast of their bedroom to support seduction.

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