Monthly Forecast

Yin Wood

Each year interacts with you in an unique way dependent on your personal element. Since your personal element is yin wood the metal ox year should support you in particular with your prosperity, status, personal power and seduction. 

To welcome prosperity pay attention to your front door and ensure it is in perfect condition. De-clutter the south, northeast and central position of your home, office and living room, so that your beneficial wealth energy can circulate unobstructed. Place a money plant in the corner diagonally opposite your living room door. To further attract prosperity light the desired earth or royal earth candles and wear the Royal Earth and Desired Earth fragrances.

This is a supportive year for your personal growth. This year attend workshops online or in person, read books and try activities which inspire and challenge your mind and increase your personal power, influence and status.


Your Forecast

Yin Wood 

For Yin Wood, this season focuses on creativity, status, and seduction for women.


The clarity of autumn is a boon to creativity, so use this time to further your talents and awaken your untapped potential. To support this, situate yourself in the south of your home or workspace when creating, and ensure you are facing southward to amplify the effect. Place fresh flowers in the south of your home or workspace to further strengthen your creative energies.

Perfect Pairings: Invite inspiration by lighting Hypnotizing Fire or Velvet Fire candles in your home or workspace, and by wearing elixirs in these fragrances to enhance your flow.


Personal power also comes to prominence this season. Place a vision board in the northwest of your workspace to channel this Qi and focus your intentions. Remember that autumn is about letting go of what’s holding you back.


For Yin Wood women, seduction energy is strong over the coming months. Increase your allure by organizing evening liaisons in the northwest of town. Be sure to wear an accessory in white, silver, gold, or light grey—colors that are particularly auspicious when it comes to amour. 

Perfect Pairings: Heighten your charms with the scent of Matrix Metal or Metal Flower fragrances.

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