Monthly Forecast

Yin Water

2021 is the year of the metal ox. Each year interacts with you in an unique way dependent on your personal element. Since your personal element is yin water the metal ox year should support you in particular with your power, status, romance (females), wisdom and wellness. 

If you would like to have more control over your life, improve your confidence, assertiveness, self esteem as well as enhance your status then the energy of this year should support you. This year attend workshops online or in person, read books and try activities which inspire and challenge your mind and increase your personal power.

This year make wellness your priority. Take time out every month for self care, to recharge your mind, body and soul. When relaxing indoors light the matrix metal and metal flower candles to soothe you. Make time for yoga and meditation to ground and relax you.

Make a special effort to also look after your body by exercising and eating healthy. To support your mind read uplifting literature and take care of your thoughts. The fragrances that should support your energy for wellness and wisdom and help with clarity of thought are the matrix metal and metal flower elixirs.

This year also has beneficial energy for working with a mentor. If you already have a mentor then you should spend some time with them. If not, then it could be an auspicious year to find one. 

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