Monthly Forecast January 2021

Yin Fire

2021 is the year of the metal ox. Each year interacts with you in an unique way dependent on your personal element. Since your personal element is yin fire, the metal ox year should support you in particular with your prosperity, seduction, creativity and career. 

To welcome prosperity pay attention to the northwest, west and south. De-clutter these positions of your home, office and living room, so that your beneficial wealth energy can circulate unobstructed. Place a money plant in the corner diagonally opposite your living room door. Ensure your front door is in perfect condition as this is the mouth of the property from where prosperity enters.

To support your career luck, de-clutter the central position, south and northeast position of your home, office and living room, so that your beneficial career energy can circulate unobstructed. The fragrances that support your career and creativity are the Desired Earth and Royal Earth fragrances. Therefore, you could wear these to meetings and interviews.

To support your creativity you could display some of your creative work in the northeast of your workspace. To ignite your creative energy light the Desired Earth and Royal Earth candles in your living room and workspace.


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