Monthly Forecast

Yin Earth

2021 is the year of the metal ox. Each year interacts with you in an unique way dependent on your personal element. Since your personal element is yin earth the metal ox year should support you in particular with your socialising, creativity and career.

It should be a favourable time for you to socialise in person or online with friends and colleagues, as well as networking, team building and updating your professional image to grow your business including via social media.

To grow your network, dedicate some time to connect with colleagues and business associates as the energy of this year should support you in making beneficial connections. The best time to go online and meet for networking and socialising would be early morning.

This is a good year for your creativity and career. To get your creative juices flowing pay attention to the west, northwest and south of your home, living and work space and adorn the northwest with some of your creative work. Keep the energy clear by removing any clutter from these areas so that the energy can circulate freely. If you are applying for a job or promotion the best time is evening time.

Light the Matrix Metal and Metal Flower candles in your living and work space to enhance your creative energy. The fragrances that support your career and creativity are the Matrix Metal and Metal Flower fragrances. Therefore, you could also wear these to meetings and interviews.

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